Historical Burton Swatrz Office in Perry, FL --Home of Sheffield & Sheffield Realty 

The Burton Swartz Building, once the operations center of the world's largest cypress mill has undergone major restoration & additions over the past 10 years. The original building completed in 1915 boasts granite columns and bronze doors from New York City's  first Waldorf Astoria Hotel. 



Pictures of the building exterior. the garden, and memories of local residents have been used to return the site to it's turn of the century charm & grandeur.  Awnings were added to remain consistent with the original character and provide a striking accent to the massive exterior windows.

Sheffield & Sheffield Realty Front Landscape       

The interior of the main building has original 18' high pecky cypress ceilings, cypress wainscot with plastered walls, & cypress flooring.  Massive ornate plaster crown molding is an unique feature depicting the awesome craftsmanship of this period.  Renovation and restoration of the original building are about 95% complete. Future plans include the replacement of the roof & restoring the eyebrow windows once located on the roof.


The original fountain has been restored. It is the major feature of the front lawn.  Gold fish & Koi continue to be replaced, restoring it's attraction for the many generations who visited the grounds for the purpose of seeing & feeding the gold fish!

The office area was a restored home from the Burton Swartz Community, original home of the Burford Family. Now, it is home to Sheffield & Sheffield Realty, Inc. A major addition now serves as part of our offices space.


The garage was converted to become additional living space for our dad, John W. Wigglesworth. With the completion of these additions, 5 generations of Wigglesworth Brick Masons have left their legacy upon the building & restoration of this historic structure.

Courtyards, fountains, & landscaping continues with many unique plants and settings. Pictures of the grounds are posted as changes are made.
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